Financial Planning

In the life-long process of managing your finances and preparing for life’s inevitable obstacles, we are your advisor and partner. We take a holistic approach to make sure your financial goals are aligned with your personal and career goals, and have access to the entire universe of financial products to manage your unique situation. And since our services are primarily fee-based, our interests are aligned with yours – your success is our success.

Investment Management

This comprehensive series of steps involves rectifying your financial plan with risk tolerance, income needs, time horizons, and existing assets to make sure everything is working in concert. We don’t chase hot products or returns, instead choosing a slow, steady approach with less volatility and better overall returns than traditional investment management. It may not be glamorous, but neither is reaching retirement and having to depend on families or the government for your well-being.

Tax and Estate Consulting

For most of us, our biggest monthly expense is taxes. Uncle Sam even has a hand in our pocket when we die, to the tune of over 50%! By working with CPAs, tax attorneys and estate planners we are able to reduce and sometimes eliminate those drains on your income and assets. Just through intelligent tax and estate planning, we can increase your returns dramatically before you even invest a dime.

Insurance Planning

Risk management is an absolutely critical piece of your financial plan, not only life insurance but also liability, homeowners, auto, and more. By working with wise insurance consultants, we can dramatically reduce your risk while simultaneously increasing your after-tax income.

Mortgage Planning

Typically our second biggest expense is our mortgage, and by working with an experienced mortgage planner you may be able to reduce that expense, which in turn can increase the amount of income available for your future goals.


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